Does Southern Lehigh Support Liquor Store Privatization?

Upper Saucon Patch asked readers what they thought of privatizing liquor stores. Here's what we found out.

Pennsylvania's liquor law took center stage yesterday when Gov. Tom Corbett proposed privatizing state-run liquor stores. 

So we asked a couple of Upper Saucon Patch Facebook friends to finish this statement: "I think liquor privatization is..."

-"long overdue."

-"is something that works in other states, so a welcome addition to PA."

-"is all the state should privatize, and don't touch the lottery."

-"Should start tomorrow!"

-"Should have been done a long time ago."

-"is WELL over due!"

Not everyone felt privatizing was the right move to make. 

-"is a viable option, but one that should be looked at thoroughly and put up for OPEN bids and handled transparently (in other words, not handed to some politician's ne'er do well brother to keep the patronage going)."

-"is a bad idea. State stores are profitable. How often does our government do something profitable? Plus kids really stand out in a liquor store, making it just a bit harder for teens to get alcohol."

What do you think about privatizing liquor stores? Tell us in the comments! 

Lisa Keppeler January 31, 2013 at 04:07 PM
It's way overdue, and good for the economy! And it will not increase drinking, drunkenness or alcoholism. Selling wine and beer where food is sold will reinforce seeing alcohol consumption as part of meals in the home, instead of as a binge activity requiring a separate booze or "beer run."
John Schubert January 31, 2013 at 06:01 PM
For decades, I wished Pennsylvania had private liquor stores. To my astonishment, I've reconsidered. Here's why: -- Profit from the state store system goes to the general fund, lowering taxes. -- I suspect the state stores are IMMENSELY profitable, more so than private liquor stores would be. Why? Each state store does several times (I think it's about three times) as much business as private stores in other states, because the number of state stores is smaller. The overhead of running the store (rent, utilities, wages, etc) is spread over vastly more sales. -- Privatization creates a one-time cash windfall. Does anyone believe that Pennsylvania's current state government would use that money wisely? No, it would go to pork barrel projects that favor major campaign contributors. -- When the windfall is gone, the taxpayers are left without the profits. This is EXACTLY what happened in Chicago. Mayor Daly privatized major city assets, spent the money, and fled from office. No thanks. -- State stores aren't all that bad. Certainly, they used to be terrible. But I travel and buy alcohol in lots of states, and the differences aren't that huge -- certainly not worth giving up the billions that the system contributes to the economy. I wouldn't have designed the system we now have if I were starting from scratch, but now that we have it, keeping it is the best option.
jagger January 31, 2013 at 06:54 PM
open your eyes if they sell thge idiots will blow the money and end up raising taxes is that what you want to pay more taxes the stores bring alot of money to pa and keep our taxes down. they say the stores cost more well the truth is they introduced new programs that cost millions that were friends of upper management it couruption not stores spending more and the cost of liquor will go up
jagger January 31, 2013 at 06:57 PM
thank you people need to open their eyes
Charles January 31, 2013 at 10:06 PM
Well lots f folks have had their eyes open for years and you two are so far out of touch, it's unbelievable! To compare what goes on in Chicago, the most crooked and bankrupt City in this Country, shows how out of touch you are! If you really started this program in PA, I sure wouldn't brag about it. I've lived in all of the surrounding states and ALL of them have far better private programs tham PA. Better selection, more availability, taxes don't change, and you don't have a State in the liquor business, other than regulating abuses. Much better for bars and restaurants too! Just as Philly Boy so accurately stated, your time has passed you by and it's officially running out "tic toc, tic toc".


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