Deely Concedes in 131st State House Race

Justin Simmons wins re-election to the 131st District following a contentious race.


Democrat Kevin Deely has decided not to seek a recount in the 131st state House race and has conceded the race to incumbent Republican Justin Simmons, according to a post Monday afternoon on his Facebook page.

Deely said he would return the money raised for the recount effort.

"It's been an amazing journey!" Deely wrote. "After careful consideration, I've decided to forego a recount and return the contributions raised for that effort. The cost and time associated with it, as well as the increased vote margin, makes a recount unlikely to change the outcome. I have just called Representative Simmons to congratulate him and wish him well."

Lehigh County's vote count showed Simmons edged out Kevin Deely by 16 votes in Lehigh County, and the Simmons camp had said the Northampton County vote count put Simmons ahead by another 432 votes.

Deely said in his post that he was proud of his effort.

"We knocked on nearly 30,000 doors and spoke with thousands of voters. We faced an incumbent who spent twice what we did, in a district which hasn't elected a Democrat in twenty years - and we came within literally a handful votes in Lehigh County. Truly amazing!"

John Reynard November 20, 2012 at 04:31 PM
I have no intentions of moving out of Emmaus. If by some chance Emmaus moves into the same district as Justin Simmons then perhaps I'd run against him.
Interested Observer November 21, 2012 at 02:04 PM
Mr. Reynard -- After admitting you illegally took a property tax Homestead Exemption for nearly three years, do you think the people of the 131st would receive you any better than the people of the 134th did? http://lowermacungie.patch.com/articles/134th-candidate-john-reynard-admits-illegal-tax-exemption You lost any campaign when you failed to follow the law and took property tax breaks you didn't deserve. Sorry, but that will haunt you forever -- and your excuse "I forgot" doesn't play well for a guy who claims to be a financial expert/consultant.
John Reynard November 21, 2012 at 02:28 PM
Which campaign do you work for interested? Or do you work for HRCC? Or even worse you're too embarassed by your own speech to put your name to it? Thats old news and its hardly a huge deal when the fine is less than some parking or speeding tickets add up to. If I choose to run against Mr. Mackenzie or Mr. Simmons again I fully expect you and your ilk to drag dirt out against me. Go ahead. It didn't seem to affect the voters much since I outperformed every D who ever ran in PA-134 in its current form (2000-2012) by thousands of votes despite getting little to no help from the Democratic Party and only having roughly 2.5 months to run. The voters don't care about honest life mistakes that happen when you're living a normal busy life like they themselves have. And I determined in the time since this accusation that I did in fact let Northampton County know I moved through mail forwarding, perhaps they should have fixed the exemption based on that. Giving people advice about their finances does not make someone omnipotent on every local law and nuance, particularly recently written ones. My expertise is in the area of reducing investment related fees and making sure people are invested in a way which matches their risk tolerance and needs. To most of my clients saving $85 a year is nice but not a dealbreaker one way or the other. The value I provide them far exceeds the value of the homestead exemption or they wouldn't be working with me in the 1st place.
Interested Observer November 21, 2012 at 09:10 PM
dear mr reynard, no campaigns, just watch things. as for mail forwarding that's the USPS not county government. of course now u are blaming the county because they should have figured it out? sorry but those weren't the rules. plus, if u r the kind of candidate who wants the govt to do more while citizens do less - including follow the rules on a form they signed - then u r just another big govt lib we can't afford. as to the size of the fine, that means nothing: u signed a form to get a benefit, it had the rules, u broke them and took something u didn't deserve. if u get caught running a stop sign when no one else is around, it's still illegal. or do u think rules don't apply? or just to u?
John Reynard November 22, 2012 at 12:56 AM
Since I expect you've never run a business before since you just watch things I'll assume you don't know then that the USPS informs the mail senders that the address changed. I am sorry I didn't remember the exact process for informing Northampton Cty for my homestead exemption. They did actually manage to forward other correspondence to me so they obviously knew I moved. I am fine with the rules applying here. As I said I had to pay a fine just like if I ran a stop sign. Would it be a big deal if I'd run a stop sign and paid the fine? You're just trying to make hay out of old news. If I choose to run again we can let the voters decide if they care about what will then be old news. Considering all I see is you commenting on politics I will assume you have an axe to grind so I know one way or the other your vote is not winnable. Have a good couple of years and take solace in knowing at least for the next two you got what you wanted.


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