Coopersburg Workshop Meeting Has First Run

After an organizational workshop Council members met for the real deal, discussing action items Monday night.

Coopersburg Borough Council put its committee workshop meeting to the test Monday night. Committees split off to discuss action items for the upcoming meeting.

website notes, the workshop is scheduled for 7pm but council members arrived and split into committees without pomp and circumstance.

Council had a workshop to organize previously but tonight was the first meeting for discussion, says Felch. Department heads attended to address their individual committees.

The Public Safety Committee, made up of Mayor Tim Paashaus and , met with Kevin Farnish, Daniel Trexler, and EMS representatives to discuss the volunteer status and Farnish proposed requiring permits for hazardous materials.

“Open discussion is always good,” said Walters when talking to the committee about the workshop.

Council members Linda Minarik and Richard Nalichowski met for Governmental Affairs Committee earlier in the day. Minarik attended the later meeting with the larger committees but did not participate with other committees. Minarik and Nalichowski met with their committee earlier that day.

Governmental Affairs reported that a DCNR grant was awarded to the Borough for work on Meadow Park. The grant will be used on a walking trail, says Borough Manager Dawn Kresge.

Minarik attended the workshop but did not participate with the other committees. Nalichowski was not able to make the 7pm workshop.

The Infrastructure Committee composed of Council members Harvey Greenland and Dennis Balascak met with Highway Superintendent Dennis Nace, Water and Sewer Superintendent Ricki Snyder and other borough employees.

 “We had a lot of technical things to talk about,” said Balascak approving of the workshop.

Councilman Jack Felch and Councilman Steve Lundy, the Administration and Finance Committee, were looking over the 2011 budget report. They’re for anything that sticks out, says Lundy.

 “We’re taking care of property issues that pop-up,” he added, noting the committee handles Borough property.

Council members approved the committee format saying it allowed them more focus. “Hopefully a lot of time is spent [here] and the Council meetings will be more efficient,” said Minarik.


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