Coopersburg Mayor Hired As Borough Manager

Tim Paashaus will resign from Lafayette Bank and as mayor to take the job as borough manager at $52,000 a year.

announced Tuesday it is hiring Mayor Tim Paashaus as the new borough manager at $52,000 a year. Paashaus will resign from both his job at Lafayette Ambassador Bank and as mayor next month.

After talking with his wife, Paashaus made the decision to formally apply for the position. “I’ll be taking my skill and ability from managing [at Lafayette Ambassador Bank] and apply them to the borough,” Paashaus said.

A selection committee composed of council members Jack Felch, Jon Walters and Linda Minarik reviewed applicants for borough manager after last month's resignation of Dawn Kresge.

After looking through 20 applications, Paashaus was selected in an executive session Tuesday, Walters said.

Paashaus, 26, grew up in Coopersburg, graduating from Southern Lehigh High School, and was elected mayor in 2010, receiving a stipend of $400 a year.

Paashaus described his resigning as mayor as being disappointing, but said managing the borough is important. "I’ll serve in other roles but [being mayor] was an honor,” he said.

Council will appoint a new mayor at a later date. “I want to see someone who really cares and would be a benefit to the police and public safety committee,” Paashaus said.

Paashaus' final day at his current job is April 6. "I'm excited to move into this position. A strong manager is incredibly important to the borough," he said.

Bob Jones March 23, 2012 at 12:58 AM
Why did Dawn Kresge resign?
Stew March 23, 2012 at 07:32 AM
Congratulations Mr. Paashaus!


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