K-9 Unit Aids Police in Traffic Stop-Heroin Bust

Keith Eric Kaspern Jr., 32, and Ashley Ann Brooks, 25, are charged with possession of a controlled substance; a traffic stop for tinted windows leads to a drug bust.

Two Emmaus residents are charged with heroin possession after a traffic stop yielded four packets of the narcotic with the help of a K-9 dog. 

According to a criminal complaint, Keith Eric Kaspern Jr., 32, and Ashley Ann Brooks, 25, were driving on Interstate 78 when state police pulled their car over for a possible window tinting violation. 

While talking to driver Kaspern, police observed that he "appeared to have bloodshot and glassy eyes" as well as an odor they believed to be that of marijuana. Police also noticed that the car had several "odor-masking agents," including air fresheners and laundry detergent, and contained several cell phones. 

When asked to stand for a sobriety test, Kaspern claimed his arthritis impaired him from standing. Kaspern told police that he was driving Brooks' car and that they were on their way to Connecticut, allegedly to "visit a friend."

The complaint goes on to say that police then brought in K-9 officer "Dano" to search the vehicle. Police wrote that "Dano displayed alert behavior...and searched a purse located on the passenger side of the vehicle."

Inside the purse, police found four "stamped" packets of heroin, amount not notated. When questioned, Brooks waived her Miranda rights and told police that Kaspern stopped at a home in Allentown and retrieved five bags of heroin, asking her to store them in her purse. 

On further investigation, police found a hypodermic needle in Brooks' makeup bag, as well as a burnt spoon on the passenger side floorboard. Police also found a marijuana smoking pipe in a bag belonging to Kaspern. 

Police stated that during the interview, "it was apparent that neither [Kaspern or Brooks] had the intention of returning to Pennsylvania."

Kaspern and Brooks are charged with possession of a controlled substance. Kaspern is also charged with driving under the influence. 

concerned citizen August 14, 2012 at 02:22 PM
Great to see the dogs being used to bust these clueless people!!!
slyfox August 14, 2012 at 03:33 PM
Good job! Good dog! Good police work! One at a time.
Got ya May 16, 2013 at 08:43 PM
This Ashley Ann Brooks is a real bad one. She will soon be doing major time because of her police record. :)


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