Police: Woman Filed False Police Reports Claiming Death Threats

Eve Hellerick, 19, is charged with making multiple false reports to police after claiming friend, ex-boyfriend wrote "eve is being murdered rite (sic) now" and harassed her via Facebook and text.

A Center Valley woman is charged with allegedly filing false police reports -- including alleged death threats -- after turning herself in to police. 

Eve Hellerick, 19, is charged with filing the false reports over the period of a month. Hellerick called the eight times to report the death threats, a burglary, harassing texts and account hacking. According to the criminal complaint, Hellerick claimed the harassment was stemming from a "friend" as well as an ex-boyfriend.

The complaint lays out a timeline of events: 

  • May 10- Hellerick reports to police she received harassing texts from unknown number
  • May 15- Hellerick reports to police the harassing messages were from a friend
  • June 3- Hellerick calls police to report harassing text messages from multiple numbers but believed they originated from same friend. Police investigated the matter, which included contact with the alleged perpetrator.
  • June 11- Hellerick reports to police she received a threat to her life via text message stated "I'm going to kill you. Textfree can't be traced. I'm going to stab you in the chest and slice your throat." Told police she believed from friend and ex-boyfriend. 
  • June 12- Police are contacted by concerned citizen who read a message on Hellerick's Facebook account stating (sic) "eve is being murdered rite now say bye bye to yer. Yyyy because I hate her and she screwed with the wrong people. Bye eve. No one can save u now....I'm goin gto go kill her now. All from her calling the cops n me. Wrong DECISIOn!" Police contact Hellerick, she informs police she didn't post this and her page was hacked. 
  • June 13- Hellerick reports to Upper Saucon police that her Facebook account was hacked again and her eBay account had been compromised, resulting in $720 in fraudulent purchases or money transfers. 
  • June 13, later in the day- Hellerick reports to UST that an unknown individual burglarized her residence on this date. She believed the individual had plugged in a wireless router to allow continued access to her network. She also displayed an email to the officer that she claimed was the result of an individual hacking in.
  • June 14- Hellerick reports to police that an unknown individual burglarized her home and activated the burglar alarm. Hellerick claims her father’s laptop was stolen.  During the course of the investigation, Hellerick admits to hiding the laptop, triggering the alarm and that a burglary didn’t happen.
  • June 18- Hellerick came to Upper Saucon police and provides a statement admitting to falsely providing reports to police. 

A preliminary hearing is set for August. 

John July 23, 2012 at 06:38 PM
This person has a point. http://lifeblogus.wordpress.com/2012/07/23/lies-about-stalking-leads-to-arrest-for-women/


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