OMG PD: Knives are for Food, not People

This week's theme revolves around the latest weapon of choice in the Lehigh Valley -- the kitchen knife.

Well into our second week of OMG PD, those of us here at Upper Saucon Patch are starting to see themes arising that we just can't ignore.

Last week, This week, we have another roundup of stories that will make you cock your head and say "Wha?" This week's theme: Appropriate knife use 101. 

Rule #1, Don't turn your back on a mom with a steak knife: Over at the Bethlehem Patch, editor Daryl Nerl has According to court papers, Ralph Hann and the mother of his child, Ashley Rosado, had been engaged in a heated argument in which they had struck each other. As he tried to walk away, Rosado's mom thought she needed to get her point across. Knife humor! 

Rule #2, Getting stabbed is never good. Getting stabbed in the face is exceptionally bad: A little closer to home, That's right folks, the face. According to the criminal complaint, police were dispatched to the park for a fight with injuries about 8 p.m. on Sept. 9. When the officer arrived, he found an injured woman with a puncture wound to her face. Police also found a couple of passed-out people littered throughout the park unrelated to the fight. 

Our unrelated story of the week is, of course, our most recent zombie attack. A Doylestown man jumped out of a window in the far northeastern PA town of Hawley screaming, bloody, and naked. Which is odd enough. ...well, that just wins the crown for this week's OMG PD. 


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