Son Swiped Mom's ATM Card and Charged $900, Police Say

Coopersburg resident Shane Jordan Nase is charged with felony access device fraud and theft after police say he stole his mother's ATM card and withdrew hundreds of dollars.

Police say that a local man stole his mother's ATM card out of her purse and then stopped at several locations withdrawing money in excess of $900. 

Shane Jordan Nase, 19, of Coopersburg, is charged with felony theft and access device fraud

According to the criminal complaint, Nase's parents contacted police to report the theft of several hundred dollars from their bank account in October and November. 

Nase's mother reported that she noticed her oldest son was "lingering around the residence as if waiting for something." After Nase exited the basement area, the mother reported finding her purse overturned and the ATM card missing. She also noted her ATM PIN number was poorly concealed in the compartment next to her ATM card. 

Nase's parents noted four withdrawals totaling $901.75 over the course of the two months.  

Police report after viewing surveillance footage, Nase was identified by his parents as making the withdrawals. 

Nase is also charged with receiving stolen property, a misdemeanor. 


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