Resident Questions Need for Pedestrian Crosswalk Signs in Limeport

Coopersburg resident Ed Leitgeb questions the need for the recently-installed 'yield to pedestrian crosswalk' in Limeport village, Lower Milford Township, in a 'Road Warrior' column by Dan Hartzell published by The Morning Call Sunday.

Coopersburg resident Ed Leitgeb questions the need for the recently-installed "yield to pedestrian crosswalk" in Limeport village, Lower Milford Township, in a "Road Warrior" column by Dan Hartzell published by The Morning Call Sunday.

Leitgeb said he hasn't seen pedestrians crossing the street at Limeport Pike and Blue Church Road, but according to township manager Ellen Koplin—who Hartzell interviewed for the column— the signs are especially needed during the summer months, when the nearby Limeport Stadium attracts many visitors to the village.

The township reported in November that a recent PennDOT traffic count did not support the placement of three-way stop signs at the intersection, which is a hub for the village and home to businesses such as the Limeport Inn and Ye Kountry Kupboard.

Part of the township's Limeport Visioning Plan calls for pedestrian safety improvements in the village, where speeding has been and remains an issue.

Photos: Patch file photo; street-level view of the intersection of Blue Church Road (left) and Limeport Pike in Limeport village, Lower Milford Township (image source: Google Maps)
Homer Hosensack January 14, 2014 at 08:57 AM
No mystery Ed. The signs and crosswalks were put there to make crossing safer and to try to slow down some of the idiots that fly through Limeport as if it wasn't there. No graft, greed or corruption by local officials involved. Sorry.
John Schubert January 14, 2014 at 05:16 PM
Limeport is a residential area. We should all respect the residents' serenity, and drive at a moderate pace through the village. The crosswalk and signs help reinforce that. And yes, there are pedestrian trip generators on both sides of the street, and there are pedestrians. Pedestrians shouldn't feel like they're trespassing on foreign territory when they need to cross the street. Streets are for people -- all people.
Limeport Resident January 18, 2014 at 03:40 PM
Homer, a self proclaimed Rush listener, and no government graft, corruption? Can't be! Heard firehall rumor that signs are payoff for election help, signs will reflect a warm, romantic light from headlights of speeding cars and local cop lying in wait to increase the dining experience at the Inn assuring an ever increasing clientele. Or, crossing at the crosswalk and walking along road with back to traffic is a conspiracy to rid the Township of pesky villagers perpetrated by the crowd on the other side of the turnpike.
Limeport Resident January 19, 2014 at 08:03 PM
Homer, as a self professed Rush fan, there must be some corruption or greed. Fireball says signs and crosswalks are payoff for election support. The signs will reflect soft, warm, romantic light from headlights of speeding idiots and our local cop car to increase the experience of diners at the Inn assuring a large clientele. OR cross at crosswalk means people going to stadium will have backs turned to oncoming traffic. This is those on other side of turnpike conspiring to pick off villagers. See?


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