5 Apps for Black Friday Bargain Shopping

Want to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck? Check out these smartphone apps that help ease the Black Friday burden.

While plotting routes around malls or staking out with sleeping bags, here's some apps that make your shopping successful:

1. TGI Black Friday: Called "the crown jewel of Black Friday apps," TGI Black Friday compiles all the Black Friday deals into one place so you can comparison shop. Users can view ads from most major retailers, as well as sign up for push notifications of new ads as they come along. Did we mention that the app is free?

2. Shop Savvy: Shop Savvy uses bar code scanning technology to help you find the lowest price advertised. Because no one wants to be the person who finds their new television was actually cheaper next door, right?

3. Decide.com: Decide.com is like Shop Savvy, but it is electronics specific. What makes this app extra special is the "forecast" feature. The app allows you to scan a barcode, and then tells you what the chances are (based on historical data) that the price will drop, as well as high and low prices, and market volitility on that specific product.

4. Google Shopper: The name "google" has become ubiquitous with search engines, so it's easy to forget that Google has a shopping option that is also an app. The shopper uses all of Google's powerful tools (maps, voice, their search engine) to help shoppers find the best prices on all consumer goods.

5. Dealnews Black Friday App: Dealnews is already an industry leader on where to find deals on goods year-round. Add their hard-core shopping website to a recently released app, and you've got a winner. Browse "leaked" ads before they go live or just link right to retailers website and buy away!


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